Fish Mooney's 'Gotham' Club May Be A Comic Hotspot

Gotham might claim that it's the story of a young James Gordon and his rise to commissioner, but judging by the actual episodes, it's more the story of how Oswald Cobblepot became the Penguin. And besides his ongoing feud with Batman, Penguin is best known in DC Comics' version of Gotham City for his Iceberg Lounge, a fancy, well-appointed nightclub where he simultaneously tries to stay legit and also succumbs to organized crime, from gambling to hosting gangsters in his office. It's designed to look like an Arctic wonderland, with an icy motif, and even though the design is a stretch, I think Fish Mooney's Gotham nightclub might turn into the Iceberg Lounge.

There's no comics nightclub better known than the Iceberg Lounge. It's been the site of many meeting between villains like Joker, Falcone, and Victor Zsasz — from the smallest crook to the biggest bad, they've all walked through the doors of the Lounge, bought a drink, and flirted with the waitresses. It's part of what makes Gotham City so unique. Its seedy underbelly full of gangsters and criminals are the flamboyant types who love to party and have a good time with the money they steal.

But in case you simply can't imagine that Fish's luxe nightclub could turn into a wintery wonderland, here are a few reasons why when Fish's club ends up in Cobblepot's hands in Monday's episode, it might become the iconic comic locale.

Penguin Is Taking Over

Fish is in big trouble. She showed her hand to Falcone, but instead of bowing under her pressure, he killed his duplicitous girlfriend Liza and decided to focus solely on his business. Fish, instead of killing Falcone, is content to just sit low and let him punish her, and it looks like his first action will be to give her club to Penguin.

It's A Legitimate Business

One of the key reasons why Penguin opens the Iceberg is because he needs a real business to run on the occasions when he gets out of the penitentiary and is supposed to stick to legal activities. And we've seen that Fish does run a real club, with actual performers and a crowd of paying patrons every night. It's not a front controlled by Falcone, and that's how Penguin can afford to stay out of the pocket of the other mobsters in the comics. He makes a lot of money for his schemes and gadgets from the profits of his club.

It's Where Cops & Criminals Meet Up To Talk Shop

Also in the next episode, Gordon will go to the club (I really hope Oswald changes the name to the Iceberg Lounge) and meet with Cobblepot to ask for his help in finding out information on Detective Arnold Flass. The Iceberg Lounge: the perfect meeting place for cops and criminals. A Fish Mooney tradition that will hopefully live on by transforming into a comic book landmark.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX