This 'Catfish' Relationship Should've Worked

Antoinette and Albert were one of the very few couples on MTV's Catfish: The TV Series who found out that they were actually talking to one another, no fake aliases or big reveals. Unfortunately, they were also two of the most annoying people to ever be featured on the show, so it was a little hard to be that happy for them when it turned out they were going to try to make their relationship work. But Antoinette and Albert, aka T-Lights, are not together, which is somewhat surprising, because I think they may have been the most similar set of Catfish couples the show has ever seen, Max and Nev's offensive slut-shaming aside.

They were both Instagram obsessives who were being honest about their identities online, but manipulated the presentation of what they were like so much, that they may as well have been using fake identities like the other subjects of the show. And while that sounds like a pretty intense critique (and make no mistake, it is), I still think they were kinda meant to be together. What's a better match for an online like-aholic than a boy bander who also hopes for Internet notoriety and fame?

Yet it doesn't seem like these two are even friends anymore. I'm disappointed that they weren't able to make it work, because if these two can't hack it... who can? Seriously, something told me that this was going to be Catfish's most successful pair. Actually, four specific things did.

1. They Had The Same Top Priority

Look, one of the most unbelievable parts of any Catfish episode is when Nev and Max ask the 'fish-ee how important it is that the 'fish-er look like their online profiles, and they always answer that it's no big deal. But Antionette and Albert didn't play that game, and made it clear that they were really physically attracted to one another when they first met. It may sound weird to say that basing a relationship on a physical connection is a sign of it lasting, but in this case, it just showed that Antoinette and Albert had the same expectations.

2. They're Both Painfully Hip

Watching people like Antoinette and T-Lights make me realize how much work it takes to become an online celebrity. Too much work for this gal.

3. They Weren't Really Looking For Love Online

Antoinette really wants to move out of Texas to the coast, and part of the reason why she reached out to an online stranger is just because she wanted to meet someone in California or Florida (T-Lights hails from Boca Raton). Meanwhile, Albert/T-Lights had thousands fans, but he fell in like-like with a girl from across the country despite having lots of local dating opportunities. It's sweet that even though they weren't specifically looking for a relationship, they stumbled across each other.

4. People Thought It Was Fake

A couple of times per season, rumors start swirling about whether or not Catfish is totally legit. Usually it's because someone is just too dramatic to be true, but this episode garnered suspicion because it was just too perfect. But if these two were a normal couple who decided to make up all of this, it actually makes me thing that they were destined to stay together. Willing to fake a relationship for good TV? Only people who are truly meant to be are willing to do that.

Sadly, that was never proven and none of this was enough to save Antoinette and Albert.

Images: MTV (2)