This Backstreet Boy Is Also A Wedding Crasher

Celebrities get all kinds of insider elite invites, but sometimes us lowly normals get up the courage to ask our famous crushes to brighten up our mundane lives. Kate Upton and Justin Timberlake are among some shining stars who took fans to prom, and now, Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough is crashing weddings — and it's amazing. Here's what happened: soon-to-be newlyweds Ryan and A'riel Kastovich, a couple from Melbourne, Florida, sent out a hopeful e-vite to the Backstreet Boys asking them to please attend their wedding, even though the couple knew it was all but a pipe dream. But! Their wish came true—sort of.

During their wedding, the happy couple got a note of congratulations from BSB's management team, which was enough to make them feel elated, but then Howie D. showed up, and as you might imagine everyone went bananas. Howie, the smallest and cutest member of the boy band of yore, even serenaded the couple with a classic ballad from the BSB oeuvre, "All I Have to Give" (without you, I don't think I could live).

According to Florida Today, Dorough told the Kastovichs:

Congratulations. I'm representing everybody. I wanted to thank you guys so much for the wonderful invitation for us. I wish I was able to have all my guys here, unfortunately, it's a little tough getting everybody from all the different states to get together, but I live in the backyard here with you guys, and I'm very honored to be here.

Is it really that tough to get all the Backstreet Boys together? Don't they have access to flights at the drop of a hat? Or are they resigned to using Expedia.com now like the rest of us? But that's neither here nor there, because the couple was happy enough just to have Howie D. at their wedding. "We're lifelong fans," the newlyweds gushed. Personally, I would have wanted Nick Carter to crash my wedding, but that's just because I'm a cliche.