Are 'Vanderpump's Stassi & Katie Still Friends?

by Arielle Dachille

After last week's fateful episode of Vanderpump Rules, it would appear that Stassi and Katie's friendship is in serious jeopardy. Still, it seems that a bond as long and seemingly close as theirs seems to have a fighting chance. After all, if the Jax & Tom bro-ship could bounce back from the trauma of the Kristen-Jax four way cheating catastrophe, these two will be fine... right? Let's try to tease out this grand riddle. Are Stassi and Katie still friends? Social media offers us ample clues about the state of their union.

Despite the fact that I always root for the bonds of sisterhood, I don't have a great feeling about how these two are doing. A few months ago, Stassi declined to commented on her friendship with Katie on an episode of Watch What Happens Live. On a Reddit AMA, Katie admitted that way Stassi brushed that question off hurt her feelings, which leads me to believe that things aren't great with the two of them. But before we start to write the eulogy of their relationship, let's do a bit of internet sleuthing. We know that Katie sent those fateful texts to Stassi in late June, as per this screen shot that Maloney posted on her Twitter.

The last picture of Katie on Stassi's 'gram is from seven months ago, in June. Past that point, Katie is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Stassi still appears to be hanging out with her other friends...

Let's go over to Katie's 'gram. The most recent evidence of their friendship is from June of last year, when Katie posted this Happy Birthday collage in celebration of her biffle's bee-day.

More recently, it looks like Katie has been cool with Jax. On his own Reddit AMA from about a month ago, Jax insinuated that Katie and Stassi are no longer buds. When asked if his relationship has improved with Katie since her friendship with Stassi has ended, Jax lets it slip: "100 % [sic] yes." At this point, they're cool enough for Katie to be amused by his rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

Not to mention, it looks like Katie has also been hanging out with Schaena, yet another person in Stassi's "dead to me" file.

Yeesh, so it really doesn't look good. I think we can take the fact that Katie is now talking about her friendship with Stassi in the past tense as a sign: it looks like this friendship is no longer alive.

And so, another reality TV friendship passes on. Ashes to ashes.