Who Says a Pageant Queen Needs Long Locks?

In the sea of the same tousled waves and shiny-straight locks of the Miss Universe pageant, one hairstyle reigns supreme: the rocker-ready short hair of Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell. While her 'do defies the age-old style of most Miss Universe contestants (and let's be honest, most pageant girls) who rock long locks, Fennell took time during her contestant package to say she doesn't care: She loves her short, Halle-Berry-esque 'do. Hell yeah, girl.

A winner of Jamaica’s Next Top Model , Fennell was born in Kingston in 1992. As a special education major in college, Fennell clearly feels comfortable going against societal norms of beauty and just does her own damn thing. Isn’t that refreshing? Did you ever think you'd think something on Miss Universe was refreshing?

If anything, her look makes her even more stunning, showing off what she’s got and letting her true self shine. Though the judges and hosts seem a bit iffy on her haircut (as if a woman who has short hair couldn’t compete to be crowned Miss Universe, ugh), Fennell totally has the support of the people.

Supporters from around the world are fangirling out over her sassy, carefree style. Can you say crowd favorite? Women around the globe, whether tall or short, long locks or cropped, should be represented on television (even on these problematic pageants), and Fennell is head and shoulders (and haircut) above the rest.

I just hope she continues to shine and make it through to the next rounds: If not, we may have a revolt on our hands: