Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Colombia

Watching Miss Universe this year was wild from start to finish. Not only was Rob Dyrdek randomly a judge to the surprise of everyone, but the outfits were insane this year, as were the questions asked of the top five at the end of the pageant. And from the beginning, it seemed that there were two pretty clear frontrunners: Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell and Miss USA Nia Sanchez. It probably helped that they were the only contestants who actually had great answers to that tricky final question, but they basically had this thing in the bag. And after all, what kind of American would I be if I didn't root for Miss USA? So you'll understand that now that the winner has been announced, I was totally surprised. Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega.

Although I'm sure Vega did plenty to deserve it, I'm pretty shocked that neither Miss USA nor Miss Jamaica took home the prize — and by the sounds the audience was making, they felt the same way. The crowd booed loudly when Miss Jamaica was announced fourth runner up, and Miss Colombia winning seemed totally out of left field, after the way the rest of the competition had gone. But this is why I'm not a pageant judge... and maybe why Rob Dyrdek shouldn't be one, either.

Look, I'm not one to pit women against each other, but let's just say Twitter is not happy:

But Miss Universe has her supporters too:

In the end it doesn't matter who wins: there will still be a woman doing some serious ambassador and charity work throughout her reign and that's what's most important, right? Congrats, Miss Colombia!