6 Healthy Options at McDonalds When You're Not Feeling A Big Mac

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Fast food is a healthy eater’s worst nightmare. Between the lack of options, the processed meat, and all that sugar and salt, picking a decent meal can seem like a major challenge. While you may avoid McDonald's like the plague, certain situations may arise where you’re forced to order something off the menu. Whether you’re on a road trip with a group of friends or stuck to an extremely limited budget, sometimes a fast food joint is your only option.

Over the years, McDonald's has made some adjustments to their menu to accommodate the growing healthy food movement. They have shrunk portion size, added fresh fruits and vegetables, and lowered sugar and salt content. While they still have a long way to go, there are some items on the menu that are far better to consume than others. We’ve consulted with Erica Julson, RD to help you pick the best choices when you’re at McDonald's.

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