6 Foods You Should Throw Away As Soon As They Expire Because Food Poisoning Is Nothing To Play With

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Having a fridge full of food is the best feeling-- that is, until you discover all the groceries you bought last week have made it past their expiration date. Maybe you had the best intentions to cook at home this week, but sometimes takeout can get the best of anyone. Do you eat these expired foods anyway in an attempt to salvage your groceries, or do you toss them right away?

Expiration dates are often just a guideline for when food is at its prime, but just because it doesn’t taste as good or doesn’t contain as many health benefits doesn’t mean it will automatically make you sick.

“In general, packaged/ processed foods are safe if consumed past their expiration date, assuming they were handled and stored correctly,” says Marci Clow, RD. “Fresh foods like eggs, raw meat, fruits, and vegetables have a much shorter shelf-life and won’t last long past their expiration dates. Plus, they can pose health risks if consumed post-expiration date.”

In those instances where you’re just not sure whether to keep those week-old berries, check out this guide to which foods you should throw away ASAP.

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