First 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Featurette Shows the Amazing, Terrifying Water Arena

We've seen the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire posters, we've discussed the soundtrack, we've told you how to buy tickets, as well as how to bide time before the movie's release, but now, finally, there's something a little more substantial to sink our teeth into. Fandango just released a Hunger Games: Catching Fire featurette that includes discussions with stars J. Law, Josh Hutcherson, and director Francis Lawrence, and shows action-packed scenes from the movie.

Hey, it's pretty exciting as far as featurettes go. We get to see some of the arena (hello, water!) and get to see snip bits of Gale being beaten, Katniss negotiating with President Snow, and yes, even Finnick Odair gets a cameo in this trailer.

Ostensibly, this Catching Fire teaser is really a commercial for IMAX — both Lawrences extoll its virtues in the clip — but trust, it's still very thrilling. Just hearing the theme music will put you right back into the arena where teenagers will fight to the death, only this time, while swimming.

According to director Lawrence, the movie screen will go full IMAX as soon as Katniss emerges from her individual post to see her new water world. Sounds like the perfect time to us to spread the screen wide... can't wait until Nov. 22 to see this all in action.

Til then, here's the first Hunger Games: Catching Fire featurette: