Gigi Hadid Goes Topless For Guess

They may as well just cancel America's Next Top Model. Really. There is no need to try an unearth fashion's next "It" runway walker, since Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner will be sharing that throne for at least a decade. Gigi Hadid's tastefully topless Guess ads offer yet another reason to call her the model of the year. Hadid made quite the splash when the first batch of of ads landed in front of our eyes. Now, several more of her smoldering Spring/Summer 2015 campaign images are here, and, yes, Hadid is topless in some of these too.

The images, shot by David Bellemere, also feature the model frolicking on the beach and offering a come hither stare and pout. The only waves you see? Oh, just the ones in her long, bedhead blonde hair that pretty much asks to be tossed.

Sure, you can focus on the fact that Hadid, who is just 19, turning 20 in April, dropped her top, but I'm personally more obsessed with the floral denim and cool overalls. Are these ensembles practical for everyday wear? Certainly not, but they still have me stoked for the summer.

Guess is a primo '90s brand, and with the decade continuing its permeation of the fashion world into 2015, it's only natural that they'd embrace those roots. Hadid was born in 1995, so she is technically a child of the '90s, right?

While she may have missed the original overalls trend, especially where wearers left one strap down, she still wears a white pair flawlessly.

Hadid effortlessly channels both Gisele — those waves, though — and Kate Hudson with her beachy, boho chic. That string bikini is dangerously revealing, too.

Thank God for double-stick tape. Her denim jacket looks like it got into a fight with a piranha, but it covers the right parts.

Hadid was all country chic with the blue and white checks.

A topless babe in floral denim? How lovely.

Wouldn't these jeans look so adorbs with a purple-y bandeau or tank?

Images: Guess (7)