Kate Upton Is Such A Real Girl In New Express Ads

Kate Upton is regarded as an All-American goddess among women, especially by her largely male fanbase. She's earned her rep as the voluptuous blonde bombshell with a hint of that elusive "girl next door" aura — if the girl next door was a modern pinup model, of course. However, Kate Upton's nautical Express ads for Spring/Summer 2015 present her in the most relatable, "real girl," and All-American light ever. It's fantastic.

If you weren't already sold on Upton's charm, these images should do the trick. There's no doubt Upton is a curvalicious beauty. Her blonde waves and her expressive eyes are familiar in the photos. But the buttoned, high-waisted shorts and the striped top she is wearing look like something we'd find in the closet of America's other, less voluptuous, and blonde sweetheart —Taylor Swift.

I'm gonna throw it down and say this is the most All-American version of Kate Upton ever and not just because of the patriotic color patterns. Girl is a serious natural beauty.

Anyone want to go yachting with Kate Upton?

I love how windswept her hair is without being a wreck. Plus, this is a lovely, midsummer date night outfit, too.

Images: Express (2)