OMG, Kris & Bruce Have A '90s Workout Tape

Guys. Guys. Kardashian Klan fans. Drop whatever you're doing and flock to your computers to hear my cry. If you thought Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian were the only members of the Klan worth paying attention to, if not Kylie and Kendall Jenner or the Royal North West, then think again. It turns out that the Jenner parents, Kris and Bruce, had quite a lot of swag. Quite a lot of '90s swag. In fact, Kris and Bruce had a '90s treadmill workout tape that daughter Khloe was all too happy to post a clip from on Twitter, because Khloe wants us to start off our Mondays with a good laugh. The VHS is called Power Walk Plus: Getting Started With Kris and Bruce Jenner, and you can actually still order a copy of it on Amazon — you know, if anyone owns a VCR anymore.

In the clip that Khloe posted, which came in the form of a Vine, you can witness Kris in a full-black exercise suit with white sneakers showing everyone how to properly use a treadmill. Bruce, in a black shirt and shorts held up with a shiny silver buckle (ah, the '90s) explains how she is demonstrating proper form. (Apparently, you have to stay "nice and erect," and I don't doubt that the dirty pun there is exactly why Khloe decided to share this particular moment out of any of the others.)

Sadly, there's only one copy of the tape left on Amazon at this point and, even worse, this short clip isn't really enough to help you get a full workout without having to buy the whole thing. I mean, treadmills are more or less self-explanatory, but that's no fun compared to having a '90s Kris and Bruce Jenner tell you how it's done.

Check out the Vine below.

Image: Amazon