8 New Ways To Organize Your Makeup

February is right around the corner and you haven't even started your New Year's resolution yet. Don't lie — I know that stack of magazines from 2007 with a bald Britney on the cover are still sitting in the corner of the room you swore you'd de-clutter, the makeup organizer ideas you've collected still exist only on your Pinterest board, and those fruits you meant to juice cleanse with are rotting away in your fridge. It happens to all of us. We start off strong, hopeful, and determined on January 1st but give up the first day it's too cold to drag ourselves to the gym. But don't fret — it's never too late to improve your year! There are 11 more months of 2015, so why not get a jump on that goal of organizing your life (and your apartment) right now?

Just a few makeup products and hairstyling tools on your dresser or bathroom counter can look messy and cluttered. Plus, drawers crammed full of eyeshadows and lipsticks makes getting ready in a hurry near impossible. Whether your makeup drawer is horrific, just needs a little sprucing up, or you just want to beautify your vanity, these cosmetic storage containers and DIY beauty organizing tricks will make that 2015 de-cluttering goal a breeze! Plus, they're just as pretty as your makeup.

1. Perfume Cake Tray

If you're a little fragrance-obsessed (guilty), your dresser is probably cluttered with dozens of bottles, clanking together whenever you reach for something. Maybe you really didn't need Marc Jacobs' "Daisy" and "Daisy Dream" (they're totally different, I swear!), but at least you can make your oodles of perfumes look pretty and polished on a vintage cake stand that you can find at any thrift store or in your parents' basement.

2. Cookie Jar Nail Polish Holder

You're one smart cookie and so is this beauty storage trick! Tossing nail polishes into an adorable cookie jar (like this clear one from Sur La Table) turns all those pretty colors into a cheap decoration.

3. Lipstick Organizer

This Container Store organizer is a dream come true for the lipstick hoarder. Suddenly, 24 of your lipsticks are neatly displayed, rather than shoved into a drawer somewhere.

4. Makeup Magnetic Board

A tried and true DIY. Follow these easy instructions for a work of art makeup display.

5. Vintage Vanity Trays

This vintage-inspired dresser tray is the perfect storage for delicate-looking products you don't mind having on display.

6. Hanging Nail Polish Rack

If you're really short on space, you know that extra inch of bathroom counter is vital for beauty survival. Don't forget about wall space when it comes to organizing! This hanging nail polish rack will clear up your vanity, plus makes for a pretty decoration.

7. Makeup Brush Makeover

The dozens of makeup brushes you use for eyeshadow, contouring, bronzer, and blush take up so much space and finding the right one in your drawer is near impossible. But keeping them in clear jars filled with colorful beads, marbles, or stones allows easy (and pretty!) access to your brushes.

8. Repurposed Magazine Rack

Those magazine racks storing your 2011 copies of Cosmo can totally be repurposed as a storage unit for curling irons and flat irons. It's way nicer looking than a pile of wires on the floor.

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