7 'Juno' Quotes That Are Surprisingly Applicable To The Winter Storm Of The Same Name

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If people are talking about Juno this week, odds are they aren't referring to the snappy Diablo Cody-written film about an endearingly sardonic pregnant teen. The northeast is gearing up for Winter Storm Juno with the usual amount of panic that accompanies an expected blizzard: battery stockpiling, supermarket rushes, and generalized anxiety about the prospect of being snowed in. While Ellen Page's character never dealt with any of these things, she did manage to keep her quirky sense of humor throughout some seriously heavy adult issues.

But even if Juno the winter storm and Juno the movie have little in common on paper, there are a few Juno movie quotes that apply to the blizzard surprisingly well. If nothing else, we can lovingly refer to this meteorological event as fertile myrtle.

Image: 20th Century Fox

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