Seeking A Blizzard Boyfriend? Craigslist Is On It

We all know what goes on indoors during a blizzard: hot whiskey drinks, frozen pizza, and babies are made with abandon, which leaves some single folks searching for a little extra body heat as the snow begins to fall. If you don't already have a friend-with-snow-day-benefits, thank god for the Internet, because people are looking for blizzard boyfriends on Craigslist all across the Northeast — and hopefully they'll find someone to cuddle with.

There's nothing like the weather to get people to come together. Some years ago during a massive New York whiteout, I was lucky enough to live walking distance from a single male friend with an open door policy. I gleefully put on my snow boots and hopped through the drifts to make it over to his place, not satisfied with my cans of Chef Boyardee and DVD collection at home. I know how important sexy snow distractions can be, and totally give props to those guys and girls willing to put it all on the line, or rather, online, in order to find it. While a lot of the ads are very NSFW (I mean, if the snowpocalypse is coming, you'll want to be as well), some of the posts are also pretty sweet. If I wasn't working right now, I might even be moved to answer one or two...

This ad is pretty cute — an invitation to watch the snow while day drinking with no expectations? It's like a drunken Rom Com waiting to happen.

The selling point for this dude is that he has 4 wheel drive. When deciding whether or not to answer these snow romance ads, vehicle make and model is key.

Talk about getting specific. This guy won't even consider you unless you are walking distance from a Dunkin' Donuts in Queens. My question is, does he expect this fun to go down in the donut shop? Or are we to assume he lives nearby?

Another #snowromantic here. If this blizzard is filling you with a childhood sense of wonder (and arousal) this guy is definitely for you. Major bonus points for his desire to bake cookies and build an igloo to make out in.

Partners in snow?! That title would melt even the most frozen of hearts. Add to that those booty smacks with snowballs he mentions and you can tell this isn't the first time this guy has reaped some benefits from a blizzard.