If The Mommy Wars Had Rival Gangs

I'm not a parent yet but I have lots of friends who are (more on my forthcoming screenplay "This Is 30" later), so I feel like I have a sideline seat for what have been termed the "Mommy Wars" (though in the interest of egalitarianism and not assuming that women are the only ones taking stands when it comes to child rearing, I'm tempted to go with "Parenting Wars"... but then I realize I don't know what I'm talking about.)

I've sat at dinners where one pregnant friend sipped a modest glass of red wine while another pregnant friend ordered bottled water. I've heard the merits of natural birth vs. give-me-that-epidural-at-first-contraction-or-else birth (sign me up for the latter, thx). I've talked to moms who were SO ready to get back to the office when maternity leave was up, and others who decided to postpone their returns to the working world, sometimes indefinitely. And, at what might be ground zero of the parenting debates, I've heard from women who've decided to breastfeed for 12 days or 12 months, decisions based on their family schedules, priorities, and ease or difficulty with latching and other breastfeeding logistics about which I've chosen to not yet educate myself (still reeling from recently googling "episiotomy" over here).

But despite all the different parenting modus operandi out there, there is one thing that unites all moms and dads, and that's a love of their kids. The below (hilarious) commercial from baby formula company Similac, which depicts the different factions of the parenting wars as rival gangs ready to rumble at the playground, reminds us of that truth.