25 Snowbound Puppies Who Who Don't Understand What Everyone Is Upset About Because Snow Is Clearly The Best — PHOTOS

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Everyone is complaining about the blizzard that's bearing down on the Northeastern US today. And who can blame them? It's cold and miserable and snowy and it's going to put people out of business for a few days. No more going outside—only hibernating. Plus, we have to prepare, have provisions ready, etc. It's an ordeal. And all of it is an even bigger pain in the ass if you're like me and can't decide what you want to eat in the next 5 minutes, let alone for the next two-to-three days. But as much of a pain as the unwanted snow is, there are some little fellas out there really living it up. That's right: puppies. They're making lemonade out of all of these disastrous lemons.

These 25 puppies love the snow so much, it will genuinely ease your blizzard pain to gaze upon them. Even if you're not an animal person, you'll find yourself wanting a puppy specifically for snow days like these, so you can dress him or her up in a cute little puppy snow costume and romp with glee outside. Puppies always see the bright side to things. They're bearers of silver linings. It's because puppies just think everything is amazing. (I like to think a puppies brain is just screaming "This is awesome!" on repeat as it bounds around.) So today, take a leaf from the tiny books of these joyful little snow bound pooches.

Photo: renecharlesnyc/Instagram

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