You'll Need Bread Bag Shoes For This Blizzard

Joni Ernst certainly made a name for herself after the State of the Union address. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't because of her eloquent oratory skills or groundbreaking arguments. Rather, it was because she said something so hilariously random and absurd that it's all that people now remember about her rebuttal of Obama's SOTU address. Ernst revealed she used to wear bread bags on her shoes as a child, and fortunately for us, her "bread bag shoes" anecdote spawned a brilliant meme. Like a gift that keeps on giving, that meme is completely relevant again as the Northeastern U.S. gets hit with a massive snowstorm.

How? you ask. Well, maybe we should all take a cue from the Ernst household in dealing with winter storm Juno. After all, the one thing that most people did agree with her on was that was waste is bad, and repurposing objects can be an effective way of cutting down on it. So why not try Ernst's tried-and-true bread bag method to make your shoes waterproof for Juno? If you can't avoid trekking to the office in the blizzard, don't ruin your nice office pumps — or even your commuting trainers — in the three feet of snow some parts could be getting. Throw on a bread bag and snow-proof your shoes.

From Wonder Bread to Pepperidge Farm, here's a sample of the trusty bread bags that you can throw on your feet.

It's simple. All you need is a bread bag, some scissors, and your tie method of choice.

Kick back and relax in your 12 Grain bread bag slippers.

Mixin' and matchin'. Nice.

You can even make an entire snowsuit using bread bags. Cutouts for your eyes, nose, and mouth are recommended however.

Moe from The Simpsons had the right idea.

Even Glenn Beck tried the trend.

Every bread aisle is like a DSW for bread bag shoes.

If you can't get your hands on bread bags for some reason, you can also use shopping bags. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Or go minimalist with Ziploc bags.

You don't even have to sacrifice your beloved designer labels.

Some have perhaps misunderstood the concept and started wearing bread shoes. This, folks, defeats the entire purpose.