'Eye Candy' May Get A Brand New Love Triangle

On Eye Candy's chilling season opener, we were introduced to a faceless, deadly cyber stalker who made the distraught tech-genius Lindy Sampson confess her love to her detective boyfriend Ben — just in time to nip him in the jugular. When her ultra skeptical cyber-police friends attempt to uncover a serial killer in Manhattan, all signs point to one of Lindy’s mysterious online suitors and Lindy is on an obsessive mission to discover which one. But because MTV would never write a show strictly about delivering justice to a psycho stalker, it's quite possible that she'll fall for someone along the way. And according to Eye Candy spoilers from star Casey Deidrick's interview with Hollywood Life, we might already be on the path to discovering a brand new TV love triangle.

Deidrick, who plays the charming but tough detective Tommy, admitted that towards the end of the season, his character will unexpectedly realize his feelings for his dead NYPD partner's girlfriend — but he might not be the only one. As of right now, Tommy is skeptical of Lindy and the two tech-savvy 20-somethings definitely butt heads. But it looks like Tommy will stir up a little romantic drama as he ends up in the middle of whatever relationships Lindy has in store for us.

We don't know who will end up as the third party in this season's love triangle, but Deidrick seems to think there will be one. We know Lindy will be dating a few different guys, since she’s convinced the killer is one of her online dating suitors, but two of them are already dead and one is currently a suspect, so it's hard to tell what the love triangle will look like. In the meantime, the interview tells us that at least Tommy is convinced it will come into the mix soon.

For the moment, Tommy is kind of in the background, but he is becoming more and more willing to work with Lindy on the case. Deidrick also told Hollywood Life that Tommy's character will quickly become fascinated by Lindy as they work together to find her stalker. (Unless, of course, he is the stalker.)

So far everyone who's gotten anywhere close to wooing Lindy has ended up dead — except the NYPD Cyber Unit detective who clearly doesn't approve of Lindy's snooping. Killer or not, though, it's obvious Tommy is at least a little bit into Lindy already and willing to do what it takes to keep her safe.

Since Deidrick admitted that Tommy won't realize the extent of his feelings for Lindy until the end of the season, my prediction is that they'll stem mostly from jealousy. He'll become fascinated by her cyber skills and fall for her as she continues dating potential serial killers. With Ben out of the picture, you'd think it would be easy enough for the smart, tough, handsome cop to have a chance with Lindy, but no good love story ever came without complications.

Images: MTV; skywardz/Tumblr (2)