The 5 Best Parts Of The Dior Couture Show

If any fashion house is all at once both the king and queen of beautiful things, it's probably Dior. And if you needed any further indication that straight-up beauty is what Dior specializes in, then look no further than their biggest fan being Jennifer Lawrence. Does it really get any more beautiful than that? Probably not. Need we say more? Of course not. But just in case you needed some more convincing, there's the Dior Couture Spring 2015 show. Starting with the amazing set (think INSANE scaffolding meets runway heaven) and ending with the the gorgeous pieces in the show, Dior's couture show surprised and stunned.

It goes without saying that Dior has created gorgeous clothing. It also goes without saying that pretty much everyone is speculating on which gowns will show up on the Academy Awards red carpet. But before you start speculating about all the possibilities and who will wear what, let's at least focus on the show itself — specifically the most amazing parts of said show. So in case you missed it, here's the five best parts of Dior's latest presentation.

1. The Set

Is this not the coolest/weirdest/craziest runway set you've ever seen? Exactly.

2. Crazy Pony Tails

Because whoa.

3. The Best Boots. EVER.

I thought my boot collection was on point, but apparently there's a whole world of shoes I'm missing out on.

4. ALL The Patterns

5. This AMAZING Floral Gown

The length, the color, the pattern — what's not to obsess over?