Kate Middleton, is That You?

by Sienna Fantozzi

Now this is some photoshop gone royally wrong. Woman's Day magazine photoshopped Kate Middleton in a really obvious and terrifying way, and all I keep thinking is, what were they actually trying to accomplish, here?

The obviously stunning Duchess of Cambridge is on Woman's Day's cover this week, but you may not have known that, because she looks nothing like herself. The weekly Australian tabloid photoshopped the 33-year-old almost beyond recognition, taking a beautiful picture of her and distorting it into all kinds of WTF. The magazine cover, touting Kate's baby countdown, features a photograph of Middleton during her visit to Kensington Aldridge Academy on January 19th. Apparently, her normal, gorgeous visage was not acceptable, because the editors have lightened her skin and eyes, as well as extremely amped up her pink blush. I get editing out a zit, or maybe even fixing some wrinkles if you really can't resist, but we all know Kate is flawless and has no wrinkles. So that argument fails. And when the original picture is easily available for comparison? Now that's just shoddy journalism, and the royals are not ones I'd want to make that mistake with.

Shame on you, Woman's Day.

Images: Getty Images; ETCanada/Twitter, Woman's Day