Tig Notaro Is Still Brilliant, Still Wonderful in New 'Ask a Grown Woman' Rookie Video

Tig Notaro is everything good. This isn't a matter of opinion so much as it is a fact considering the hell she's overcome and the hilarity with which she wields her own life experience. Brilliant, funny, charmingly honest — this woman has it all. So it's no wonder that everyone's favorite Internet Kid Sister, Rookie Mag, asked the stand-up lady to do a video for their wonderful Ask a Grown Woman/Ask a Grown Man video series.

There's not much to say that should be said before you dive into the 5:30 video of funny life truths and expert friend-gathering advice (bunny farms!). So let its brilliance wash over you as you realize you're never too old to get advice from another grown-ass person. Especially one with as much thoughtful knowledge and honesty as Notaro.

But you by no means have to take any of our silly words for it — you'd be remiss to not click on the video and enjoy it yourself, sans opinions. Because everyone takes away something different from things like this. Maybe you need to be reminded that it's OK to be a loner (Dottie, a rebel), or you're suffering from the loss of a parent. Whatever the malady, Notaro's got just the words you need to hear.

OK, so now who else is joining the Crushin' on Notaro's Worldviews Club? On Wednesdays we wear... whatever the fuck we want because we're all just trying to muddle through our unique experience with life's nuttery as best we can.