Kim Kardashian's Super Bowl T-Mobile Commercial Pokes Fun At Herself In A Delightfully Endearing Way — VIDEO

Are there still somehow people in the world who hate Kim Kardashian? Don't get me wrong. I myself used to be a staunch Kardashian hater for the same reason that I hated Paris Hilton — these people are famous for literally nothing. However, Kardashian married Kanye West and had the amazing North West, which made her my automatic favorite member of the entire Kardashian family, and now she's just proven — you know, to those who aren't already aware — that she is the most hilarious person in the world. Even with the short preview she released Monday night, I don't think any of us were quite prepared for Kardashian's Super Bowl T-Mobile commercial. It's 30 seconds of pure, unfiltered delight.

Outfitted like a PSA, it features Kim Kardashian West ("Famous Person") talking to us about an epidemic that the entire world is suffering from. I mean, don't you just hate it when you unused data gets taken from you so you don't have that bonus space to check out all her selfies, vacations, and outfits? Seriously, imagine being stuck inside during Blizzard 2015 without the option of clicking your way through Kardashian's Instagram. When Selfish comes out, then we'll be able to get our selfie fix without need that data. For now, there's Data Stash by T-Mobile, which allows you to keep your unused data for up to a year.

Whew. Imagine the boring, colorless world we almost lived in without the joy and wonder that is Kardashian's outfits. Or, actually, don't imagine that. You might keep yourself awake at night with the fear of such a horrible fate. Check out the commercial below.


Image: YouTube