14 Things That Are More Disappointing Than Snowmageddon 2015

Alright, East Coasters. As we all know, the storm with an Armageddon inspired moniker didn't exactly match up to its epic prophecy. I understand we’re all a little put off by the fact that the blizzard didn’t live up to the craziness and end times-type of decrying, but we can't be too mad at the meteorologists of America. Look at it this way: it was sort of exciting for an otherwise lackluster post-holiday January. That's not to say that some areas didn't get hit hard, but at least in the New York City area, it was just sort of a let down for people who wanted to be snowed in and unable to trek out to work for a few days, or like, ever. And naysayers, or those who are happy about the lesser snowfall, it's disappointing to some of us because multiple snow days are the one benefit of winter and adulthood, OK?

The total disappointment in this merely moderate snowfall, brings to mind some other recent disappointments that hit us similarly hard. Why? Because we’re all a bunch of complainers and people, more specifically celebrities, tend to disappoint more than inanimate things like weather. So, here are a list of grievances that are just as discouraging, if not more, than the blasé blizzard.

Ian Somerhalder's Engagement

...To someone other than us. Seriously though, congrats you guys. You're beautiful.

Justin Bieber's Draco Malfoy/Joffrey-ish Hairdo

He wishes he was sorted into Slytherin... Or born into House Lannister.

Justin Bieber's Skateboarding Skills (Or Lack Thereof)

Dude, why?

Justin Bieber... In General


The Doubly Hard Hitting Loss Of Ryan Reynolds & Ryan Gosling To Fatherhood

It's going to take some getting used to. Bear with me.

The Fact That Bradley Cooper If Probably Going To Lose Out On His Third Oscar Nom To Eddie Redmayne

I think Leonardo DiCaprio may be handing over the torch...

That We Feel We Have To Pit Bradley Cooper Against Eddie Redmayne

It's like choosing between chocolate and peanut butter. Can't we just have both?

That Both Bradley Cooper & Eddie Redmayne Are Taken

There are no fish left in the sea. The sea is dead.

That Oprah Still Isn't President

YOU should get a country!

That Kim Kardashian Cut North Out Of Her Selfie

Total Regina George move.

The 50 Shades of Grey Movie's Lack Of Full-Frontal Nudity

No comprende.

That Taylor Swift In fact, HAS A Belly Button

I was hoping that she'd finally reveal to us she was a Kyle XY type of alien brought to Earth to give us incredibly relatable tunes and shelter all the misplaced cats.

The Blink-182 Drama

Et tu, Tom?

The Lack Of Man Buns At The SAG Awards

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm looking at you, Leto.

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