What Happens When A Skincare Brand Does Body Wash?

Even the biggest beauty experimentalists have their favorite products — the lipsticks they come back to after trying a hundred reds, or the night cream they buy in bulk in case its discontinued. Murad's face washes are one of those cult classics people try and never, ever give up (true story: My youngest sister always asks for "Murad face wash and nothing else" from me for Christmas). But the skin on your face isn't the only skin that deserves some love, so it makes perfect sense that the brand would expand into a line of body care, called Murad Youth Builder.

If you aren't familiar with Murad, their whole thing is about creating little routines that help you manage stress (and therefore skin issues), so each of the new products come with instructions for turning skincare into a relaxing ritual. Hey, if I'm gonna spend $12 on a hand cream, I definitely want it to help me turn my puny New York City bathroom into a makeshift spa.

While I certainly can't testify to how legit the anti-aging claims are after just a couple days, I can break down the instant effects of the Youth Builder line, in case you're a Murad fan wanting to give the new products a dry. Let's do this.

Rejuvenating AHA Hand Cream

AHA = glycolic acid = pretty hands. The formula of this stuff is super lightweight, but it moisturizes just enough for indoor use in the wintertime. My cat approves, too. ($12-$25,

Firming Peptide Body Treatment

This stuff is kinda like lotion — it'll definitely moisturize if you apply it right after the shower when your skin is still damp — but it feels more like a serum for your whole body. Just like the hand lotion, this stuff is super lightweight, so I'm more excited to test it out in the summertime. ($12-$36,

Collagen Support Body Cream

For the winter, however, this stuff is my jam. It's got a nice, rich formula, but spreads more easily straight out of the tub than a lot of body butters I've tried. Also, I really appreciated the very slight sheen this added to my skin — I strutted around my apartment in a pair of shorts for as long as possible to show off how silky my legs were. Oh, and the 24 hour claim is legit: My skin was just as soft when I woke up the next day. ($16-$40,

Detoxifying White Clay Body Cleanser

Naturally, I saved my favorite for last. Any body wash that's moisturizing enough for me to skip lotioning after the show is a friend of mine. No, it's not super cheap ($10 gets you a measly two ounces, $26 buys six), but you can definitely feel the difference between this and a drugstore soap. If you suffer from scaly dry skin, I think it's worth the splurge. You can always mix a tiny dot of the stuff in with your usual body wash — it won't have exactly the same results, but you'll still get some of the benefits. ($10-$26,

Images: Kara McGrath