'SATC's Berger Is Back With His Breakup Post-It

"I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me." Those are three very short sentences that riled Sex and the City fans when the HBO series was on air, and we can all thank writer Jack Berger (Carrie Bradshaw's former boyfriend) for them. Well, if you're a die-hard SATC fan and lover of all things Carrie, then get ready to feel angry all over again, because Ron Livingston recreated Berger's breakup Post-it at the Sundance Film Festival. Cosmopolitan.com asked Livingston to rewrite those three famous breakup sentences and take a picture with the Post-it. How could they pass up an opportunity like that?

For those in need of a little refresher, Berger and Carrie dated for quite a bit. Then, Berger decided he couldn't be in the relationship any longer, so he broke up with Carrie via Post-it. Yes, she became filled with rage, and rightfully so, which you can watch for yourself in the profanity-filled (thanks to the hilarious Samantha) video below.

Admittedly, Livingston doesn't look thrilled in the photo, but maybe he's just channeling Berger's fear and guilt? Whatever the case, there's no doubt this will make SATC fans feel all kinds of emotions again. Not only do they have to relive the breakup moment, but they also have to feel Carrie's heartache again. In all seriousness, this isn't that big of a deal, because we knew Carrie wouldn't end up with Berger. Plus, who doesn't love to relive SATC?

Now, anytime Sarah Jessica Parker wants to respond in typical Carrie fashion that would be fantastic.