"Thoughts Every Woman Has At The Fridge" Video Shows The Reality Of Your Healthy Eating Kick

Refrigerators can be your diet's worst enemy — just think about how its contents can show you the reality of your eating habits, while also tempting you into eating something completely unhealthy that you had no intention of consuming. To show you what I mean, here are just a few examples of thoughts every woman has had at the fridge:


"How did I have such self-control at the grocery store? I hate my self-control self."

"If I could stress eat right now I would, but all I have are carrots!"

See how your fridge can actually make your diet backfire? It has this sneaky way of showing you what your intended eating habits are, but also making you secretly wish you had different intentions. Hey, who doesn't want to eat some cake after a long day at the office?

Of course, there's also the problem of living with other people and sharing a fridge, especially if you don't have the same eating habits (read: they aren't on a healthy eating kick). When they leave desserts, take-out, and delicious processed food in the same vessel as your vegetables, it can throw you for a loop faster than you can say the word "no." Who knew that your refrigerator could actually be what's making your healthy eating goals fail?

Watch the video to see more of these frighteningly accurate thoughts that we all have at the fridge.

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