This Country Might Build A Sex Theme Park

If you’re currently looking for an exciting destination to spend your summer vacation with the S.O., then you might want to consider jetting off to Taiwan. Their tourism administration is so bent on attracting visitors, that they are considering building Taiwan’s very own sex theme park.

The theme park would spread along the coast of the southern part of the island, and depict different stages of love. Apparently each stage would have a different theme, from “dating paradise” and “scenic spot for wedding pictures” to “silk road of love” and “sex theme park.” Tourism officials are even considering adding a “lost paradise” area for those who are broken-hearted. The first section, “Romantic Boulevard” would feature love-themed structures including a glass church and heart shaped arches, as well as a staged area specifically for wedding portraits. The sensual last stop on the boulevard, dubbed the “Garden of Eden,” is meant to be a “kinky outdoor area,” and would display erotic statues of people or animals in the throws of loving making. Deputy director of Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Office Shih Chao-hui, who is heading the project, also hopes that there will be hotels constructed near the sex theme park for couples who are, hem, inspired by their visit.

The idea, proposed by the Southwest National Scenic Area Administration, was posted onto the region’s official website, and then quickly taken down. The disappearing post has attracted much attention, both positive and negative. Though the park has been officially proposed, there is no word yet on whether or not it will become a reality. Either way, the publicity has already been driving tourists to the area, and the current wedding portrait section of the route has seen a massive increase in visitors, from their standard 20,000 tourists a month to 220,000 guests over this past New Year break.

Mr. Shih claims that his proposed dating paradise is perfect for those who are romantically entangled but not officially coupled off yet. So maybe it will end up being the perfect place for that fifth Hinge date you’ve been dreading…

Images: wbenjin/Flickr, KMSS Fox 33/Facebook,