9 Cheap Things On Etsy That Look Super Expensive, Because It's Not All Weird Crocheted Booties For Your Cat

While all you guys are stuck up north in the freezing cold, it's important that you take the time off to get your priorities straight. And by that, I mean it's important that you're efficiently and actively shopping online. Because what better time to spend a lot of money than when you're stuck inside and in layers of pajamas? Exactly. In terms of shopping, Etsy is one of the best places to find something unique. Whether it's an antique diamond engagement ring or a cool laptop cover, the possibilities and range of prices are endless. Plus, there's a lot of cheap stuff on Etsy that looks kinda expensive. In fact, it's totally possible to spend all day shopping, spend nothing compared to what you would spend at the mall, and come away with items none of your other friends have. Take that, mass market brands!

Even if you are shopping with a budget in mind, it's still possible to buy things on Etsy that look totally expensive. That means you can look fancy while still having money to buy hundreds of burritos at Chipotle throughout the year. Like I said: Priorities. They're important. Whether you're looking for a new phone case or a unique piece of jewelry, here are 9 pieces from Etsy that are super cheap, but look expensive.

1. Zircon Thin Gold Stacking Ring

This is an awesome ring for stacking, and looks like you've spent a fortune on a tiny diamond. Grab that latte, paint those nails, and Instagram away!

Zircon Thin Gold Stacking Ring, $30, etsy.com

2. Marble Phone Case

So chic, am I right?

Marble Phone Case, $35, etsy.com

3. Blue Evil Eye Necklace

First step to becoming a famous fashion blogger: This necklace.

Blue Evil Eye Necklace, $12.80, etsy.com

4. Gold Body Chain

Festival ready: Check.

Gold Body Chain, $12.90, etsy.com

5. Framed Fashion Illustration

Frame some awesome, unique fashion illustrations around the house and boom — you're cool.

Fashion Illustration, $28, etsy.com

6. Ear Cuff

Because they're trendy and, therefore, translate as expensive even if you only spent four bucks.

Triple Ear Cuff, $4, etsy.com

7. Leather Journal

They just seem fancier than those paperback versions.

Journal, $48, etsy.com

8. Bucket Bag

So. Cute. And you won't find a real leather bag for less anywhere else.

Black Leather Bucket Bag, $120, etsy.com

9. Tassel Necklace

You know all those travel bloggers at exotic beaches? They wear stuff like this. Now you can too.

Long Leather Tassel Necklace, $39, etsy.com

Images: Courtesy Brands