Chris Pratt Might Play Indiana Jones In New Disney Reboot & Andy Dwyer Would Be So Proud

It seems that if the Internet swoons hard enough over something these days it can actually happen: According to numerous reports, Disney's eyeing Chris Pratt for an Indiana Jones reboot. This comes after a banner year for Pratt thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Jurassic World (not to mention, of course, one that found him photoshopped into a mighty convincing Indiana Jones mock-up).

Pratt's proven his leading man abilities time and time again this year, from taking the lead in Guardians Of the Galaxy to lending his voice to The LEGO Movie's main character. Currently, of course, he's playing out his last season as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation — and soon enough we'll get him as a raptor researcher in Jurassic World. Now that it seems he's being courted by Disney for yet another major role, it really seems safe to say Pratt's not leaving the limelight any time soon.

Reboots can be a wildly hit or miss affair. The last Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull(that is, the one with Shia LeBeouf), it should be noted, is not remembered as a spectacular film. But reboots are also verifiably unstoppable in Hollywood these days, so if they're going for one of the most beloved series of our time, Pratt at its center seems the only way to go. He's shown us his action chops and his ability to be, in a word, dashing — but he's also got that ever-important other element: A great grasp of humor. If we're going to be recycling every previous Hollywood success story, we might as well do it with someone capable of winking at their own predicament.

Plus, we already know he'd look good in the outfit...