Game Day Snack Upgrades to Kick Your Super Bowl Up

Some people go to Super Bowl parties for the football; some go for the companionship; but let's face it: We all go for the food. If your Super Bowl snack spread plan is looking a little sad, though, don't worry — Foodbeast's "15 Game Day Snack Upgrades" video is here to save the day. It walks you through a whole bunch of menu ideas, snack hacks, and even serving suggestions to make sure your party is something the neighbors will talk about for years to come. In a good way, of course — obviously you don't want to alienate them or anything. Hopefully you've invited them. You have invited them, right? It'd be the neighborly thing to do.

Anyway, I find Foodbeast to be one of the most entertaining foodie sites out there, so it's no surprise that they've got the whole Super Bowl party thing down to a science. From tasty and thematically appropriate eats to a "turf table" that looks like an adorable, tiny football field... well, let's just say that anyone who follows their playbook will be the life of the party. Check out my five favorite food picks below; scroll down to watch the whole video, and head on over to Foodbeast for recipes, how-tos, and more.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some menu revisions to make...

1. Instead of: Sad Delivery Pizza

Try: Homemade Football Pizzas

Sure, it's a little more labor-intensive than ordering Seamless, but it's not THAT hard. Promise. Just take your favorite pizza recipe, shape the dough like a football, and top it with strategically placed pepperoni and string cheese. Voila!

2. Instead of: Squishy, Lonely Strawberries

Try: Chocolate-Covered Football Strawberries

Foodbeast has a complete recipe for these gorgeous little berries, but in case they look difficult, they're not. They only things you need to pull them off are the ability to melt chocolate without burning it and a steady hand.

3. Instead of: Chili Out of a Nondescript Can

Try: Mini Chili Bread Bowls

If you're feeling ambitious, make your own chili from scratch. If you're not, though, just hollow out some bread rolls and have some shredded cheese on hand to dial your canned chili up to 11.

4. Instead of: Ho-Hum Canned Dip

Try: Bell Pepper Dip Bowls

Scared of cooking? "Dip" your tow in the water with an easy dip recipe (terrible pun definitely intended). Foodbeast has instructions for a fabulous-sounding cheesesteak dip; additionally, we've also got a few suggestions of our own. In a pinch, store-bought hummus will work... but why not go the extra mile? The Super Bowl only comes once a year, after all. Then all you need to do is slice the tops off a few bell peppers, clean 'em out, and fill 'em.

5. Instead of: A Standard Pretzel Bowl

Try: Chocolate Caramel Football Pretzels

Because chocolate caramel football pretzels. Get the recipe here.

Watch the full video below for more ideas, tips, and tricks:

Images: Foodbeast/YouTube (10)