When Is The Apple Watch Available? CEO Tim Cook Announced The Date & Wearable Tech Fans Are Elated

Tim Cook, CEO of the company that's known for its much-desired innovative products, announced that the Apple Watch will begin shipping in April. The watch is the latest in wearable technology and comes in three different styles to suit your personality, with the cheapest model priced at $350, though Business Insider reports that some of the watches might cost in the thousands, likely because there are 18-karat gold options. Undoubtedly made for the coolest of the cool, the Apple Watch includes features such as a gentle tap on the wrist when a message is received, health and fitness measurements, Apply Pay payments, and, of course, keeping track of what time it is. Although some skeptics are saying the watch will be a flop, is it possible this new product will be a timeless classic?

Apple fanatics have been waited with bated breath for the ability to purchase the Apple Watch since it was announced in September of last year. Though initial rumors hinted at a March release, Cook used the company's quarterly earnings results announcement Tuesday to not only provide a date for when Apple Watch will be available, but also to say that Apple had the biggest quarter of its history, making $18.04 billion in its first fiscal quarter and breaking the world record for most earned profit in one quarter. TechCrunch reports those sky-high numbers mean Apple makes approximated $8.3 million per hour, 24/7. Whether the Apple Watch serves to boost that number in future quarters, though, is anyone's guess.

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In his prepared statements, Cook said development for the Apple Watch is on schedule, and that developers are making great progress and are working on specific designs for the watch's user interface, including apps, notifications, and information summaries called "Glances." He said at the announcement:

The creativity and software innovation going on around Apple Watch is incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience them when Apple Watch becomes available.

Cook, who obviously has tried out the watch and has one of his own, is pretty thrilled about the release of Apple Watch and the buzz around it. He said:

My expectations are very high on it. I’m using it every day, and love it, and I can’t live without it. ... We’re going to be thrilled to start shipping it, because we’ve got a lot of customers who are wanting to get one.

And if Twitter is any indication, he's right. Though users have expressed excitement over the release date, some are less than happy that the wait is a month longer than they originally thought.

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