Briana & Terra's 'Little Women: LA' Performances Prompt A "Classy" Vs. "Trashy" Feud Between The Two

Terra Jole is by far the most controversial member of the Little Women: LA cast; every week there's a new person who decides that they're totally done with her. This time, after a disastrous musical night, Briana and Terra are fighting over a musical performance and whether or not Terra's behavior was "trashy." But Briana spent the whole episode on the defensive, because her new relationship was put on blast by her family. So the time she was supposed to be spending writing an original song for her new boyfriend, Matt, was actually spent hearing that he may have been brought up on assault charges.

That meant that she had to work on the song in the car... on the way to the open mic where she was performing it. So no time for instrumentals or choreography, and only a 30-second long performance. Still, Briana's singing was very heartfelt, even though it might have been (OK, definitely was) a little underrehearsed. The song also only consisted of about two lines, which makes sense because the couple just met six weeks ago, so how much could there be to sing about? You can see some of her performance in the preview below.

But then Terra came out and took the vibe from quiet, intimate open mic to well-practiced club performance.

Things got pretty mean on both sides of the debate. Briana rightly called Terra out for making a gathering all about Terra, without regard as to whether or not that would make anyone else feel left out. But then she called Terra "trashy" and her own performance "classy," which definitely isn't fair. Yes, Terra and Briana have very different performing styles, but that doesn't give either of them the right to judge the other. Terra totally nailed her performance — that wasn't the problem with the pair's feud.

The problem is, instead of Terra using her performing experience to help Briana get over her butterflies and maybe come up with a more practiced routine, she decided to make it a surprise finale. Even if Briana's performance had gone perfectly, Terra would have upstaged her. There may have been nothing wrong with Terra's performance in itself, but the way she went about it was definitely a friendship foul.

Images: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime; Giphy