Eileen Tries to Tame Brandi on 'RHOBH'

I can't tell you how many times I've just had a bad feeling about something on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . My alarm bells went off yet again during Tuesday night's episode of RHOBH when Eileen Davidson and Brandi Glanville sat down for a heart to heart at Lisa Rinna's first shindig on the show. This interaction didn't reach quite the same level as the fight between Brandi, Kyle, and Kim that nearly came to blows earlier in the episode, but you could still cut the tension with a stiletto.

So you've met Brandi, right? She's generally foul-mouthed, drinks a lot, and has no filter. Well, she brought her usual self to Eileen's poker party, which entailed much of the aforementioned behavior, including calling Eileen's home like something out of Psycho. Charming.

As one can imagine, Eileen was going for more of a Ritz Carlton than a Bates Motel vibe with her decor, but you can't please everyone, especially not Brandi. But kudos to Eileen, because she actually had the courage — or the idiocy, I'm not sure which — to confront Brandi about her insults at Lisa R.'s jewelry party. Why do the Housewives always think that charity events are the most appropriate place to air your dirty laundry? The world may never know.

The MVP of the episode was Yolanda Foster, who sat in between Brandi and Eileen before they hashed things out, and then once it sounded like the conversation was going to get heated, excused herself to grab a drink of water. A smart and classy exit is to be admired. Get out while you still can, Yo.

Eileen also had complaints about Brandi's explicit language and alcohol use during the party for fear that she would scar her children, who were upstairs during the event. I know I'm traumatized from the whole ordeal.

Brandi didn't apologize or react at all, really. She kind of just sat there with that usual smug look on her face. However, she did assure Eileen that she doesn't have any beef with her, and she isn't trying to be a mean girl or anything like that. Commence eye roll now. And of course, Eileen called Brandi out for being exactly that in her confessional.

Clearly, a storm is a-brewing between Brandi and Eileen. I mean, you don't just get a glass of wine thrown in your face and move on so easily, even if you're letting on for now that's how this whole thing is going to play out. Brandi and Eileen have even hinted at some conflict since filming ended. Welcome to RHOBH, Eileen.

Images: Michael Larsen/Bravo; realitytvgifs (2)/Tumblr