Where To Buy 'Shark Tank's PhoneSoap, Because Cell Phones Are Way Dirtier Than We'd Care To Admit

I am unabashedly a sucker for just about every product that makes it to Shark Tank, whether it's actually a good idea or not. Maybe I just like cheering on these (occasionally totally oblivious) entrepreneurs, because even if they've invented just one thing, they're already ahead of most of the people in the world, right? On this week's episode, investors Wesley Laporte and Dan Barnes are about to attempt to solve a a major problem for germaphobes everywhere: Your phone. I may not want to think about how many germs are actually on my phone, but they still exist. Everywhere you traveled today, and every surface you touched? Your phone was there too, and although you can always wash your hands, you can't wash your phone. Laporte and Barnes have found a solution for this with PhoneSoap, which will appear on Shark Tank on Friday night.

Of course, it's not actual soap, because that would never work and Apple would be able to tell by the little red strip inside that your iPhone went for a bath and refuse your insurance claim. Instead, PhoneSoap offers plenty of safe options at different price points to keep your phone clean. Not a bad idea, right?

On their website for the product, Laporte and Barnes offer up the $60 charger that also uses UV light to sanitize your phone. Want to feel better about holding your phone to your face, but the charger isn't quite in your budget? Spending just $5 gets you the PhoneSoap patch (made of microfiber) to wipe your phone off with, and a $20 anti-microbial case that will protect your phone from picking up all that nasty bacteria. They also offer a Chapsick-like phone polish and a bunch of other accessories.

PhoneSoap 2.0 , $50, PhoneSoap | PhoneSoap Patch , $5, Amazon | Anti-Microbial Case , $20, Amazon | PhoneSoap Polish , $15, Amazon

You can buy these products directly from the PhoneSoap website or from Amazon at a slightly higher price point, as well as smaller sites like Uncommon Goods. I think it's a brilliant idea, but I'm not sure I'd give up my pretty Kate Spade case in favor of a plain black or white one in the name of germs. I don't think I'm the only one who feels that way either, especially if it meant separating the lifelong OtterBox loyalists from their precious indestructible cases. Keeping bacteria off your face and hands is great, but making sure your $500 iPhone doesn't shatter when you drop it tends to come first for most people.

Still, PhoneSoap is a pretty awesome product, and I think the Shank Tank investors will agree. Hey Shark Tank, here's my idea: Distribute the PhoneSoap technology to all makers of cute phone cases for a tidy profit. That way, we all win!

Image: Tony Rivetti/ABC