Does In-Shower Lotion Actually Make A Difference?

A few years ago, Olay launched its in-shower moisturizer, which worked with the humidity that coincides with bathing. I loved the richness of that product. Now, Nivea is doing the samesies. Nivea's In-Shower Body Lotion is exactly what its name indicates. It's a body lotion that you use while in the shower, after you wash and before you apply your post-shower, normal moisturizer. So it's an extra step (as if mornings aren't already busy enough), and another layer of moisture. But is it, well, necessary?

No, it's not. But does slathering it on mid-shower make skin feel infant soft? Uh, yeah, it definitely does.

This stuff is thick and creamy, a quarter-sized dollop will suffice, and yet it rinses evenly and cleanly. I didn't feel like I was coated in any sort of icky, sticky residue. I could feel the added softness before I even toweled off.

It was the kind of gratifying suppleness that I usually don't experience until I've oiled up or slathered on my AM body lotion, cream, butter, or what have you. In essence, this stuff gives me a head start on skin hydration.

But even after I towel off, my skin was still softer than usual. Then, upon applying normal lotion (I definitely recommend layering another product on top, especially in the winter), am even softer. Sure, taking another minute to use an in-shower moisturizer flies in the face of the argument in favor of shorter winter showers, but still... there are some beauty battles you just can't win.

Nivea In-Shower Lotion, $5, Amazon

The in-shower lotion is so softening, in fact, that the bottle even warns you to be careful, since the shower floor will be slippery after usage. I'd steer clear of applying to your feet, unless you want to crash around the bathroom while trying to get ready.

I can attest to that fact. My tub felt like a Slip 'N' Slide when I rinsed and I found myself reaching for the handle bar on the shower wall more than few times. But it was worth it, since my skin was smoother than it's ever been.

If you are a lazy girl, in a rush, or like a short shower, well, you might not want to add another step or minutes to your routine courtesy of in-shower moisturizing. But I am loving it. I even tried it as shaving cream for my legs and armpits, and it was served me just fine in that capacity.

It's not essential, but it if you have the luxury of time and spoil your skin, then have at it. I sure do!

Images: Piotr Marcinski/Fotolia; Nivea (3)