'Suits' Season 4 Emoji Spoilers Reveal How This Season Could End

USA's legal drama, Suits, is returning to complete its fourth season on Jan. 28, and from the cliffhanger viewers were left with in August, the final episodes of this season could go in any direction. Louis Litt has learned the secret that Mike Ross has been fighting to keep for four seasons, that Mike never went to law school but is a practicing lawyer, and Louis isn't going to remain silent. Because there are so ways this season can end, I caught up with Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross, and asked if he could give any spoilers for Season 4 of Suits before the show premieres.

Last we knew, Louis resigned from Pearson Specter and went out to find a new job. Because he couldn't bring any clients with him, Louis couldn't find anyone that was willing to take him on (that wasn't in Siberia — or Cincinnati, one in the same to him). Conveniently for Louis, it was then that he realized that Mike wasn't a graduate of Harvard, like Mike had said. Louis, finally able to use "all of the leverage that he's now earned," as Adams says, returns to Pearson Specter and demands from Jessica that he become partner, making the firm Pearson Specter Litt.

So where does that leave us for the remainder of Season 4 of Suits? Here's what Patrick J. Adams had to say when I asked him to give us spoilers for the remainder of the season, using only emojis.

I should note that when I asked Adams to give us spoilers, he told me he had "never used an emoji in his entire life," so I appreciate his efforts, but man, these are tough to decipher. Looks like we can expect some relationship development to occur in the back half of Season 4, along with some disagreements or angry characters. Adams told me he wanted an emoji where "people were literally throwing punches at each other," (I can only hope the future involves live-action emojis) and that "the Easter Island head is key." Whether he was just messing with me or not, let the deciphering begin.

Images: Allison Piwowarski