13 Valentine's Day Bouquets That Will Last Longer (And Occasionally Taste Better) Than Fresh Flowers

There's something special about bouquets that can turn any day around, and make just about every girl undeniably happy. And while of course that includes flower bouquets, I'm also talking about non-floral bouquets, too. Because while just about everyone loves a bountiful bouquet, it's not necessarily one made up of roses and baby's breath. These creative bouquets may not be traditional, but they will make you rethink purchasing the standard dozen of red roses. Do something different this Valentine's Day. Think outside of the box... or in this case, vase.

Sweet Valentine Cookie Bouquet

Sugar cookies in a perfectly stacked formation, ready to be enjoyed by the love of your life. How sweet. No, really, how sugary sweet.

Sweet Valentine Cookie Bouquet, $55.99, Cookies By Design

Origami Bouquet

Just because your bouquet is non-floral doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be boring. Etsy is filled with independent shops selling carefully crafted origami bouquets.

Origami Bouquet, $135, CandidlyPretty/Etsy.com

Love Money & Origami Bouquet

Dollar dollar bills, yo. Made with 27 individual dollar bills, this blinging bouquet turns into some extra cash quickly. Props for being multifuncitonal.

Love Money & Origami Bouquet, $90, JAYLIdesigns/Etsy.com

Chocolate Candy Bouquet

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Crunchy, creamy, milky, and smooth. It’s hard to say no to any of it.

Chocolate Candy Bouquet, $64.99, Overstock

Book Paper Bouquet

This one’s for the bookworm. What better way to get to her heart? If you want to be extra romantic, try asking the seller if you can request a certain book be torn up and repurposed for the sake of art.

Book Paper Bouquet, $30, LeCharmeWeddings/Etsy.com

Vintage Brooch Bouquet

Brooch bouquets may be the best idea ever. It’s basically like giving your girlfriend a brand new (old) bouquet of accessories.

Vintage Brooch Bouquet, $75, Rusticcreek/Etsy.com

Glass Rose Bouquet

There’s something about glass flowers that seems timeless…maybe it’s the fact that they are timeless. Literally.

Glass Rose Bouquet, $39.99, Classic Hostess

Succulents Bouquet

I decided that succulents don’t count as flowers. They last a lot longer, have a way different visual appeal, and are so bohemian cool.

Succulents Bouquet, $210, bohemianbouquets/Etsy.com

Candy Rose Bouquet

Lollipop, lollipop, oh, lolli, lolli pop…

Candy Rose Bouquet, $49.99, Cool Party Favors

Rustic Pinecone, Burlap, & Wheat Bouquet

Wrapping burlap around just about anything makes it barnyard vintage cool. Pinecones and wheat included.

Rustic Pinecone, Burlap & Wheat Bouquet, $35, PapernLace/Etsy.com

Dum Dum Lollipop Bouquet

It’s kind of like the lollipop bouquet, but totally different, because it’s Dum Dums. Dum Dums!!!

Dum Dum Lollipop Bouquet, $22, JessieRaesBoutique/Etsy.com

Fruit Bouquet

Thanks to Edible Arrangements, fruit bouquets have almost become a norm, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Pretty and good for you?

Fruit Bouquet, $39.99, 1800flowers.com

Pearl Bouquet

If you have the budget, why the hell not?

Pearl Bouquet, $95, WeddingMemory/Etsy.com