Chris Messina Is Naked In 'Digging For Fire' (So If You Ever Wanted To See Danny Castellano's Italian Sausage...)

Danny Castellano is a conservative guy on The Mindy Project — he loves his mother, he was raised Catholic, he likes to keep his professional and personal lives separate. But Chris Messina, as proven by his role in the upcoming Digging for Fire, is nothing like his sitcom persona. The film, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival on Monday, centers around a married couple who have separate adventures over the course of a weekend. Co-starring Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson, Sam Rockwell, Orlando Bloom, and a dozen other famous faces, the Joe Swanberg directed flick was a hit with audiences at the film's premiere, and featured an almost entirely improvised script — only three pages of the film were written before shooting began.

In the story, Messina's character comes to the aid of Jake Johnson's Tim, by bringing two girls, a lot of cocaine, and an air of general mischief with him when he joins Tim's boys' night in. The night progresses with the ensemble cast causing havoc in and outside of the gorgeous West LA home, coming to a glorious peak when Messina strips down to absolutely-freaking-nothing and jumps into the pool to join an underwear-clad Anna Kendrick. To say the image was jarring is to put it mildly, though I'm sure Mindy Lahiri would approve.

After a screening of the film, an audience member asked Johnson about the differences between independent cinema and working on a show like New Girl. He answered in perfectly precise form:

"You're not going to see Chris Messina's dick on New Girl."

Amen, Johnson (no pun intended). Amen.

Image: Giphy