Two Grown Men Wearing Screaming Baby Masks Made A Horrifying, Confusing Music Video — VIDEO

Prepare to see the most terrifying thing you're ever going to see: a poorly composited video of grown men dressed as giant babies jamming out. Yeah, Dave Davidson and Nicky Shin are here to wreck your day. This video is every bit "the stuff of nightmares" as it sounds. You know those giant crying baby masks—they're the stuff OF YOUR ACTUAL NIGHTMARES. They're the guys that chase you through Times Square if you accidentally turn the wrong corner shaking their giant rattles at you. Except at least the ones in this video are wearing clothes and not just adult diapers like the ones in the street. The song they're playing is aptly titled "Newborns" and it's just as weird and psychedelic as you'd imagine.

The redeeming feature of this whole thing is when one of the babies takes off his mask to reveal the man underneath (who is a lovely bearded hunk of spunk, rather unexpectedly). The other masked man is never de-masked, which is a shame because hotties tend to roll in groups, right? Now, if these guys would just renounce their baby masks and get about as normal fellows, I'd have no problem at all with any of this. I mean, it goes without saying that there's nothing sexy about babies, even giant man babies. Watch below, and wait for the big reveal.

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Photo: YouTube