Candice Swanepoel's Mother Denim Line Does It All

Even models love their jeans. Candice Swanepoel's new denim collaboration with Mother is here and it's pretty much the "Mother" of celeb jean collections, if you know what I mean. You don't? Allow me to explain. This collection does everything, from nodding to Cindy Crawford in the '90s with a pair of short shorts to donating funds to help mothers with HIV.

Swanepoel wasn't afraid to feature several trends, from the slightly questionable (high-waisted mom jeans) to the current and totally on point (skinnies that hit at the ankle). But most important is the fact that the brand has a beautiful charity element, so wearing them represents a quintessential "look good, feel good" fashion moment.

The supermodel, who is South African, is donating a portion of the proceeds to mothers2mothers, an organization that works to prevent mothers from transmitting HIV to their offspring. It's an important cause, to say the least. Swanepoel may have achieved global fame, but underneath it all, she remembers and loves her homeland.

"I was looking for things that I have a personal connection to and so for years I've been trying to get more involved in things in South Africa.​ It is appropriate that it is mothers, and Mother for mothers2mothers,” Swanepoel told Vogue. Natch!

She also incorporated a bit of herself in the jeans in the form of a tiny replica of her family crest. The graphic is a swan in a pool. Adorbs, right? But it's also not majorly invasive. "I thought that was a cute touch," the model said. "I thought if I’m putting my name on the jeans, my crest should be on it too—make my mama proud!"

Swanepoel also nods to her supermodel roots by drawing on Cindy Crawford's 1992 Super Bowl spot for Pepsi, in which she wore some dangerously short denim.

“It's not that dress-up denim—it’s more ‘girl off-duty.’ That relaxed look that was still sexy," Swanepoel said.

Um, yeah it is!

Other reasons Swanepoel's jeans are something else? She paid attention to three key problem areas for regular gals when it comes to jeans and that's the fit pertaining to the butt, the waist, and the ankle.

She wanted the denim to stretch and to not squash the derriere and waist, and she wanted to make the pants easy to wear without too-tight ankles, which can making getting dressed a chore.

Shop the Candice Swanepoel x Mother denim collection and you won't be disappointed. Gotta love luxe denim with a heart!

Images: Mother (4)