Zombie Cat Was Buried Alive and Clawed His Way Out, Proving That Felines Have All The Lives

Mythological god-beasts that they are, cats frequently befuddle our simple human minds with their prowess, agility, and ability to cheat death, as evidenced by a Floridian zombie cat named Bart, who clawed his way out of his grave days after being accidentally buried alive. The Daily Mail reports that the kitty was found in a "pool of blood" after being hit by a car, and was taken to a local vet where he was pronounced dead. But despite two run-ins with otherwise fatal circumstances, this cat absolutely refuses to die.

According to the Daily Mail, Hutson has placed the cat in the care of the Tampa Bay Humane Society, where Bart will be treated for “head trauma, a broken jaw and a ruined eye.” The poor guy will also have a temporary feeding tube inserted while his jaw is healing. But fear not for this “miracle cat” (a bit of a misnomer, as it fails to acknowledge that all cats are in fact miraculous), as veterinarians are confident that Bart will make a full recovery. Bart’s story brings to mind another heroic creature whose will to live ensured its adoption after surviving two attempted euthanizations, once again proving that cats are superior living creatures who’ve evolved to master death.

Forget nine lives, this cat most certainly has all of them. All of the lives.