Marc Jacobs And Zana Bayne Team Up To Create High-Fashion Sex Accessories

February is fast-approaching, which means one thing and one thing only — it's time to ready your closet for Valentine's Day. Finding the perfect dress is easy, but what about accessorizing for after hours activities? That's a whole other story. Luckily, Marc Jacobs and Zana Bayne have got you covered. Fashionista reports that the quirky fashion designer and the "mistress of leather goods" have teamed up for a line of glamorous sex accessories that are, well, actually sexy. *insert Fifty Shades of Grey joke here.*

The wares, which include everything from $65 heart-shaped leather pasties that I could definitely see Rihanna rocking on the red carpet to a $240 riding crop (also featuring a heart, duh), are all sleekly designed and even — dare I say it? — discreet. There's also a lookbook starring quirky-cool model Ali Michaels (and her stellar brow game) displaying the wares in action. Okay, so not in action in action, but this is Marc Jacobs, not Playboy. These photos are about as racy as you're gonna get.

With BDSM being so ~trendy~ at the moment, I'd imagine plenty of couples will be stocking up on these saucily risqué goods, provided they can shell out the cash. Head on over to (or the nearest Marc Jacobs boutique) to purchase.

Image: Marc Jacobs