'Jane the Virgin' Just Got Even Better Than Before

Say it with me now: "YAAASSSSS." This, of course, is the required response to legendary actress Rita Moreno gracing our television screens — and, sure enough, it's happening, folks: TVLine's confirmed that Rita Moreno is coming to Jane the Virgin in the very important role of the mother of Rogelio De La Vega. Has a more perfect casting ever existed? I'll answer that for you: IT HAS NOT.

Rogelio De La Vega is one of the great joys of the first season of Jane the Virgin. Father to main character Jane, his name is delightful to say out loud and his ego provides the perfect balance to Jane's steadfast do-gooder humility. Watching Jane and Rogelio get to know each other and work out their very different ways of expressing themselves has been unceasingly sweet, but we still don't actually have that much to go on on Rogelio's upbringing.

So, who raised Rogelio to be one of the greatest telenovela stars of all time? Who could possibly fill that role with all the fabulousness it requires? Who taught Rogelio to be the diva he is today? There is truly no one better to play the role than Rita Moreno.

If you're not familiar, Moreno is the one of only twelve people in history to have EGOTed — that is, won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award — and she was the first Latin person to do so. Her Oscar was for her iconic performance as Anita in West Side Story, and if you ask me, she straight-up owned that movie. The woman's a legend, and no other such figure could have raised Rogelio De La Vega, especially on a show so heavily powered by hispanic representation.


According to TVLine, Moreno's character will be known as "Glam-ma" instead of Grandma. This seems fitting. I mean:



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