Does Harry Play An Instrument?

by Daniela Cabrera

Harry Styles has many gifts that he has been giving us all apart from his luscious locks and cheeky ways (see: eating bananas on stage), and he's working on adding another talent to share with the world. It's pretty well known that Niall Horan is One Direction's resident musician. He's played the guitar during some of their concerts and was even featured on some tracks on the group's album Midnight Memories. Since Horan and Styles' bromance is stronger than ever, I had to wonder if Harry Styles plays any instruments as well?

In fact, Horan is teaching Styles to play guitar! Back in September, Styles' sister Gemma posted an adorable photo of Horan giving her brother some lessons and captioned it, "bein cute doin guitar lessons." This caused the ladies to get in a tizzy, because when you add an instrument to an already dreamy dude, it is only T-R-O-U-B-L-E. (Taylor Swift warned us, didn't she?) This also seems to be a newer development for Styles, who once shared that he attempted to learn the guitar when he was nine years old and it didn't go as planned.

As for other instruments, what I gathered from the tweet in which Styles explains his former frustration with the guitar, is that Styles actually plays the kazoo. He responded to a fan's question back in 2011 saying, "just the kazoo...I tried to learn guitar when I was 9 but thought I was gonna be sick straight away and got too impatient."

First off, I haven't heard of anyone playing the kazoo in quite a few years. It's easy to disregard it as a silly little instrument, but as Vice reported in 2013, kazoos have actually become cool again. The kazoo has a very unique sound and is one of the "easiest instruments to play," but I'll still give Harry Styles his props when due. I don't play the kazoo, my friends don't play the kazoo, but Styles does and he plays it fairly well as far as I can tell.

Styles can be seen playing a golden kazoo in the beginning of this epic Christmas jam with Jimmy Fallon and as Mashable puts it, "Nothing is jollier than Harry Styles, in an ugly Christmas sweater, playing the kazoo." And indeed, very little is.

I look forward to 2015 when Styles starts busting out his guitar skills because then it will really be game over.

Images: Getty Images