Luke Willson The Seahawks Player Vs. Luke Wilson The Actor: These 2 Have More In Common Than Their Names

Luke Wilson the actor and Luke Willson the football player may not be all that similar at first glance. One has set the template for your fantasy sensitive bookish boyfriend through his work in Legally Blonde; the other tackles people for a living. But if you can get past that one extra "L" that differentiates their names, Seattle Seahawks player Luke Willson and actor Luke Wilson have a few things in common. We are, indeed, all connected in the Circle of Life.

What would really be exciting (and SUPER meta) would be if Luke Wilson showed up to the Super Bowl Sunday evening to see his name twin play tight end for the Seahawks. Imagine how hilarious it would be if Wilson thought that the sports commentators were referring to him when they narrated the movements of the football player. Those jumbo-tron reactions would be SOOOO priceless! Maybe there would be some sort of meet and greet afterwards where they're both in the same room, and literally NOBODY could tell which Luke anyone would be referring to at one time. This NEEDS to happen. GAH!

If and when this dream scenario plays itself out, I'm sure that the pair of Lukes could probably find a few things to talk about. Although these people seem to be rather different, here are the few things we could place in the overlapping part of their Venn diagram.

They Both Rocked The Long-ish Hair

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Circa 2004, bro!

Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Well, this hair is legitimately long.

They Were Both Raised Catholic

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Willson attended Catholic school as a teen, and continues to be a practicing member of the church. According to an interview with AZ Central, Wilson was raised Roman Catholic. They both know the deal for receiving communion, then!

Willson Is An Athlete & Wilson Dated An Athlete

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Wilson dated former professional basketball player Meg Simpson from 2008 to 2014. Luke has, well, been a football player since he was a kid. Perhaps this one is a stretch, but at least they both understand the lifestyles of sports people.

They're Both White Dudes

Steve Dykes/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Western history is filled with figures who look just like them, they currently comprise 80 percent of the Senate, and their ambitions have never been subject to any sort of glass ceiling.

Neither Of Their Names Would've Been Changed At Ellis Island


Ain't nothing to Americanize here...

They're Both BRUNETTES!

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Brown hair, don't care.... Ya know?

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cue the awkward small talk!

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