Celebrities Who Made Powerful Statements After Nude Photo Leaks Because Everyone Has The Right To Their Own Bodies

By Kaitlin Reilly
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Oh, hey. You know what's gross? Someone threatening to release naked photos of someone to the public. You know what's equally as disgusting? Blaming the victim of such an attack for taking those private photos in the first place. (Really, world? Really?) But while many of us (though, sadly, not all of us) can feel confident knowing that any intimate photos are safe, celebrities live in what I can only imagine is a constant state of fear for their privacy, particularly after the heinous Snapchat-4chan leak. But though no one wants to be in a position where their privacy is unjustly invaded, many stars did make powerful statements following nude photo leaks, whether they were the victim or they standing up for their celebrity peers. Click through to read about women (and some men!) who stood up for what's right.

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