The Perfect Theme Song For Every President, Because Thomas Jefferson & "Timber" Go Beautifully Together

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We all know Beyoncé and President Barack Obama are tight. If Obama had to pick a theme song for himself, I hope it would be "Run the World" — "My persuasion can build a nation" — and Beyoncé would personally perform it everywhere he went (when it works for her, of course; she's a busy woman). This politician-pop singer duo is a no-brainer.

But not every president has had the good fortune to be friends with such top-tier musicians. In fact, most presidents served before Beyoncé was even alive (I know, it's hard to think about that time). What music did those former presidents like, if any? More importantly, what musicians would they listen to — and commission personal concerts from — if they were serving today? Because presidents are people too, we decided to look into it. Some revealed themselves to be R&B lovers, others devoted Swifties, and still others the kind of person who only listens to ambient music and John Cage because they don't believe in melody or lyricism.

You might be surprised by your favorite president's selection. Hopefully, you will make a playlist of these songs, and it will help you remember the presidents in order — stopping to think for an extra moment about a young John F. Kennedy.

Judge for yourself what each pick means about each president. No theme song is better than any other. Everyone deserves a theme song, even William Henry Harrison.

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