How Did Oliver Survive on 'Arrow'? The Explanation Is Somewhat Disappointing Right Now

Last Wednesday, Arrow fans worldwide rejoiced in the fact that Oliver Queen is alive despite his rather dire situation in the midseason finale. And while it's been great to have our favorite archer back on our television screens in a non-flashback form, I've been dying to know exactly how Tatsu saved Oliver from his fatal injuries. Well, it seems "Midnight City" attempted to give us some answers in regards to that matter, though I have to admit I found the whole explanation a little, dare I say, disappointing.

Shortly after awakening from a very nice dream involving yet another Olicity kiss (well, before the unsettling blood vomit ensued), Tatsu gives Oliver something to drink. He asks if it's special herbs, but she informs him that it's just penicillin to help prevent infection. Aside from that, she claims it was the snow and cold that helped to keep him alive as well as his strong desire to live. And that's it. That's all we know so far at least. There was no mention of a Lazarus Pit or some powerful potion that could put Mirakuru to shame. Now, of course, that doesn't mean we won't eventually learn if she did, in fact, give him some special herbs further on down the line. But right now we've got… snow to thank, I guess?

I'm sorry, but I can't help but feel let down by the whole thing. Maybe it's because I expected his resurrection to be such a monumental event. So to see him simply wake up and be given such a weak excuse as to how it all happened made the entire storyline fall somewhat short. Maseo even said that she had brought him back to life. I thought we were going to learn something cool as to how such a miracle came about. I suppose the snow could help stop his blood flow and thereby prevent him from bleeding out as much, but still. You have to admit seeing him rise from a pit would be far superior to any of this.

Regardless, though, the important takeaway is that Oliver is alive and on the mend, even if the method lacked slightly in the badass department. But on the plus side: aside from the stomach bandages, we got to see Oliver shirtless some more. And that's something you'll never hear me complain about.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW