Tiana Catches Hakeem With Camilla On 'Empire' & Her Reaction Proves Her Ambition And Strength

I think any fan of Fox's newest series Empire can agree that when we saw Hakeem saying to recurring guest star Naomi Campbell's Camilla "you're my mama," it was officially one of the creepiest and most uncomfortable moments of the series so far — aside from Andre and Rhonda's sexcapades with each other and apart... those are the worst. The entire Hakeem/Camilla relationship has yet to be explained, and we don't fully know the origin of it, nor why Hakeem needs to have her in his life. It's especially strange that he clings to Camilla now that he's dating Tiana for whom he made drunken, idiotic mistakes on video. Hakeem's issues with women could probably take up its own separate post (or a freaking term paper). But on Wednesday night's episode "False Impositions," Tiana caught Hakeem in his bathtub with Camilla, but didn't freak out. In fact she didn't seem to care much at all, she seemed to be more interested in whipping Hakeem into shape for their upcoming performance together.

So why didn't Tiana have a major, and completely justified rage breakdown? Because she knows how to play the games necessary to be at the top of her career. Tiana's main focus seems to be all about making a huge name for herself, and aligning herself with Hakeem as his girlfriend in the spotlight gives her name the recognition and boost she needs to sell more albums and get more attention.

While some people may not love this idea and decision, I think it proves that Tiana is actually a smart, savvy woman who knows what she wants in life, even if what she wants doesn't really adhere to the regular standards of morality. She wants to be the synonymous with the biggest names in music, and she wants to be able to be famous with the kind of music she likes to produce. If that's not girl power, I don't know what is. Tiana already received a huge break by getting signed to Empire. Now she's even taken the highly intelligent step to hire Cookie as her manager as she understands that Cookie is the way to get to the top with some dignity and pride in her work.

Hakeem has yet to really start proving himself to be the right kind of guy to be with someone like Tiana, he really hasn't even proven himself to be the best artist he can be or the best leader for Empire. But eventually with quite a few swift kicks to the butt by his dad and mom, he could get there. He has the potential to get there. And Tiana is smart to stay with him, reap some of those benefits and then try to grow beyond him. Plus, despite his ridiculousness, they actually do seem to really care for each other. Maybe in the process of all this growing, these two could actually mature enough to be good for each other outside of the music industry.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX (2)